Jessica Simpson stuns in Christmas photo flaunting her 100 Pound weight loss

Jessica Simpson inspired and impressed her many followers when she posted a photo of herself to instagram on Christmas Day showing of her toned fit and much slimmer figure. The mother of three shared that she’s lost an astounding 100 pounds since having her daughter Birdie in March 2019. Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson, … Read more

Weekly Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Are you looking for healthy meal plans to lose weight without following any fad diet? The secret to attaining a fit and healthy body is to add power-packed meals to your diet. In addition to that, you should also know the number of calories your body needs to function healthily. This post will offer a … Read more

How to lose weight like a Celebrity

We have all seen it so many times before the transformation of stars who svelte themselves down to the perfect size, making it look like a breeze. This can leave us normal folks believing that it is easy for celebrities to lose weight, keep it off, or if they go on a binge or have … Read more

How to lose weight after pregnancy?

The joy of giving birth to a baby can be euphoric and the first few weeks after the delivery you generally have little time to think or look after yourself, but it is important to prioritize your well being as well as your baby’s by shedding the excess weight that was gained during pregnancy. It … Read more

How to Lose Weight Fast

Don’t be surprised if your nutritionist asks you to reduce carbs and choose the best sources to lose weight. Generally, going for foods with a high fibre content works because these foods are not easily digestible. Moreover, they come with a low-calorie count. They help you satisfy your hunger for a longer time as well … Read more