How to lose weight like a Celebrity

We have all seen it so many times before the transformation of stars who svelte themselves down to the perfect size, making it look like a breeze. This can leave us normal folks believing that it is easy for celebrities to lose weight, keep it off, or if they go on a binge or have a baby  it is of no consequence as they will easily be able to lose those extra pounds as effortlessly as they previously did. 

There is no magic wand to lose weight

The truth is that no magic wand exists to melt off weight, keep it off and stay in shape no matter who we are. The only way that anyone can lose weight and maintain the loss is to implement strategies that work and then incorporate a program into their lives that is sustainable. 

Why does it seem so easy for Celebrities to lose weight? 

Big known names that lose weight garner publicity where as other people don*t. This is why we see the images of their before and after weight loss successes which seem to occur after minimal effort but the fact is it is due to hard work and consistency which any mere mortal can also achieve. Celebrities have their reasons for wanting to stay in shape and this perhaps provides extra motivation to work towards their goals of the perfect figure. As they are in the public eye they are consistently judged, particularly on how they look and when they lose weight and look good they receive positive publicity, however when they put on weight and don’t live up to the public’s perception of how their appearance should be they are criticized and even belittled so it is important for them to keep their image and their fans adoration by looking like the stars they are purported to be. An out of shape body does not adhere to the world of celebrities that make huge amounts of money from endorsements and films so it is also a financial advantedge to lose weight and to make it look relatively easy to maintain the aura of celebrity magic.

Do celebrities have more help available to them to lose weight?

Do celebrities have more help available to them to lose weight?

It is true that most celebrities have the financial means to enlist professional help in order to reach their weight loss goals. Lots of them have a personal trainer which can be handy to push you into doing a workout when you would rather be lying on the lounge, however you can be your own trainer and have a routine worked out where you push yourself and inspire yourself to complete it to reach your weight loss goal. A fitness trainer is no good if you yourself aren’t motivated to work out. It might work for a while but to achieve long term weight loss it is going to be necessary to consistently work out and you need to do it. A personal trainer can’t do the workout for you. If you can’t inspire yourself to keep to a routine after a while no one can. If working out by yourself is not your thing, group classes at a gym are also a great way to keep yourself going. If you are exercising with others you will be more likely to complete the workout. The same goes for all kinds of body shaping activities. If you don’t like jogging alone, enlist a partner so you can push each other to stay in shape and reach your target weight. A personal trainer might sound glamorous but in the end it is all about the sweat and determination you yourself exert. 

Celebrities have access to personal nutritionists and chefs to help them lose weight 

Celebrity weight loss

Some stars talk lovingly about their personal nutritionists who work out a detailed eating plan for the celebrity to lose weight and one could feel annoyed that a nutritionist is not within everyone’s budget, but the question is just how necessary is one? It is very easy to work out a healthy eating plan to lose weight. Or if you wish to try something a bit more drastic to lose weight at an accelerated rate, there are plenty of diets to choose from. You don’t require a personal nutritionist to tell you what to eat. It is basic common sense. If you really feel that you can’t work it out on your own, you could invest a small amount to have a one time visit with a dietician who could point out a healthy eating plan and give you some tips. A personal chef is also a luxury that many celebrities can afford and this would be very handy but more as a time saving device than a tool in losing weight. Not many people can afford such an indulgence and again it is not necessary to have one to lose weight. If you really hate cooking, can’t cook or looking for the convenience of ready made healthy meals, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives which you can have  delivered to you which can be the next best thing to having a personal chef. 

Lose weight and look great even if you aren’t a celebrity

Lose weight and look great even if you aren’t a celebrity

We can’t be privy to the struggles anyone goes through to reach their target weight as well as their daily trials to maintain it. Celebrities are only people albeit famous ones and they also have to work hard to achieve the same goals as ordinary people do to lose weight. Next time you see a story about an amazing Celebrity weight loss result, don’t focus on how easy it looks, because achieving anything in life requires determination, hard work and if we are overweight, sacrifice as a love of too much food that has put on the extra pounds will need to be rationed to achieve weight loss. Think instead of how much work they have put in behind the scenes to attain that great body and know that if they can do it you can too. Don’t be envious, be inspired. You don’t need to be a celebrity to lose weight and keep it off.

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