Jessica Simpson stuns in Christmas photo flaunting her 100 Pound weight loss

Jessica Simpson inspired and impressed her many followers when she posted a photo of herself to instagram on Christmas Day showing of her toned fit and much slimmer figure.

The mother of three shared that she’s lost an astounding 100 pounds since having her daughter Birdie in March 2019. Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson, a former NFL player also have two other kids Maxwell Drew, 8, and Ace Knute, 7.

Simpson’s personal trainer, Harley Pasternak told E! News that ‘Simpson’s health journey has her feeling like she did before she had kids…. (She’s) in control of everything and (has) such a great attitude of not beating herself up if she doesn’t eat perfectly every day.’

Pasternek explained Jessicas fitness routine which is credited for toning up her whole body. To attain her finely honed legs Simpson is said to have gotten in 14,000 steps a day. ‘We slowly ramped those up; we started really easy and slowly increased them,’ Pasternek said. ‘We started with doing a full-body workout, one set of each exercise, not really doing too much intensity per body part and gradually increasing the volume and intensity. Focusing on a few muscles groups per day. Different muscles each day of the week.’

The proof that Simpson’s dedication has paid off is clear in the cheeky Christmas photo which shows her red sweatpants had fallen to her knees. The long sleeve onesie hugs her reduced frame. ‘So I thought Eric (Johnson) was taking a photo from the waist up….;’ Simpson captioned on the picture.

A stream of positive and congratulatory comments followed the post.

Ruby Rose reacted with several complimentary emojis.

“Layer Z” January Jones responded

“You so fit!!!” declared Jessica Alba.

As well as keeping up a regular fitness routine, Simpson also made sure she got seven hours of sleep on a regular basis and stuck to a healthy diet. ‘Meals had protein, fiber and healthy fat,’ her trainer said. ‘Snacks had protein and fat or protein and fibre. We did not diet in a tasteless, extreme, radical way. Jessica loves Tex-Mex flavors so she had a lot of healthy versions… There is no magic diet that is the end all and be all.. if you take enough steps per day, you don’t need to starve yourself food-wise, and if you eat properly, you don’t need to run a marathon.’

This sensible dieting approach which is sustainable has no doubt helped Simpson to reach her weight loss goal.

Jessica also told People magazine that having an “active” husband is also a benefit in helping her stay in shape. ‘If you marry an athlete, you got to stay on your feet,’ she said. Simpson also said that chasing her kids around “all day every day” also keeps her fit.

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