Can you lose weight quickly with yoga?

Yoga is touted for being transformational in many ways. It has been clinically proven that practicing yoga on a regular basis benefits the body and mind in many ways including lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, controlling depression and pain and increasing mental capacity to name a few.

Yoga is also a healthy choice to incorporate in your life to lose weight and to keep the weight off. Yoga encourages us to be the healthiest version of ourselves. Yoga advocates the reduction of sugary food in the diet to blend with the physical aspects of the practice. Yoga is a form of toxic reduction on every level .. mind, spirit and body. The longer one practices yoga and adopts the yogic philosophy the less inclined one is to fill the body with calorie laden junk that weighs us down mentally and physically. The more we practice yoga which translates into healthier habits including eating habits the better we feel about ourselves, the more confident we are in our own skin the more inclined we are to treat our bodies like the temples they are. Our bodies are the house that we live in and we need a well maintained body to live a life of health and contentment.

Yoga incorporates meditation and breathing techniques that aid in lowering anxiety and stress which can lead to depression. All these negative feelings if not controlled can affect our eating habits. How many of us have turned to food to fill voids, address anger and despair and attempt to feed negative thoughts by filling our bodies full of calorie loaded sugary and fatty foods that in turn not only increase our girth, but also make us more unhappy as these futile attempts to appease our feelings with food are just a never ending cycle of destruction that will never satisfy us or quell the feelings we are trying to extinguish. 

Yoga will also put you in contact with like minded individuals who are on their own path to health and enlightenment and health means being a healthy weight. Being overweight is not a sign of health and by practicing yoga you will be on your way to not only being the best healthy version of yourself but also the best in shape version of you. Start losing weight with yoga now and enjoy the side benefits of a healthy mind and body.

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