Study concludes that lifting weights for only three seconds a day can build muscles

Want to build up muscles without much effort? A new study has found that a single maximum effort rep, utilized five days a week for a month was found to increase biceps strength by up to 12 per cent. 

The research shows that people who are not fit and those that are older can still benefit without adhering to long training sessions. 

Too lazy to exercise Try incorporating 3 seconds of exercise a day into your daily routine to build muscle.

Professor Ken Nosaka from Perth in Australia, who conducted the study said: “If we find the three-second rule applies to other muscles, you might be able to do a whole-body exercise in less than 30 seconds.”

“Also performing only one maximal contraction per day means you do not get sore.”

Lifting weights for only 3 seconds a day can be beneficial

“Many people think you have to spend a lot of time exercising but its not the case. Short, quality exercise can still be good for your body.”

The outcomes are from tests conducted on 39 unfit students. 

They carried out only one biceps curl, once a day for five days a week over a four week period. 

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This totaled to just 60 seconds of weight-lifting over 20 sessions. 

Nosaka says that these mini workouts could help to ward off weakness and infirmity in old age. 

“It can prevent muscle strength loss due to diseases, sedentary lifestyle and space flights,” he said.

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