Don’t allow others to sabotage your weight loss efforts

It is a positive and healthy goal to make a resolution to lose weight and keep it off. Being overweight increases the chances of contracting certain illnesses, it can affect our mortality and generally stops us from being the best version of ourselves. When we finally take the step to implement sound strategies to improve our well being by losing excess weight it can be disheartening when friends, family and even strangers can seem to undermine our efforts by not enthusiastically complimenting and supporting us with our efforts to improve our bodies and verdure. 


Some people can feel threatened when someone they know makes a change for the better. Even vague acquaintances can seem to be annoyed with you. This may be puzzling and somewhat hurtful to understand but the fact is that most people who are overweight have these thoughts from time to time and although a lot of people do embark on a wellness plan to lose weight and get fit many others do not and they can feel intimidated when someone in their circle goes ahead and accomplishes what they have failed to do. Your weight loss achievements are only an unwanted reminder to them that you are moving forward and they are still stuck in negative habits and oversized clothing, Misery loves company, not that everyone who is overweight is miserable but the majority are covertly aware that optimum health is not viable when ones’ girth is too stout. A lot of people have tried and abandoned weight loss programs as well, so any positive progress you make is only a reminder to them of their failure to mirror your achievements. 

How to cope with negative feedback


Attempts to sabotage your weight loss success can take on many forms. These could be backhanded compliments telling you that you are getting way too thin when you have not even reached your target weight loss goal. Making you feel that to be socially accepted in their company you need to consume calorie laden drinks and snacks that are not part of your new healthy diet plan and sometimes coping with outright hostility as you svelte yourself into your newfound healthy lifestyle. When you understand that these reactions have in essence nothing to do with you but in fact with the way others feel about themselves it is much easier to ignore them and not give them any energy. Politely refrain from indulging in foods that no longer play a part in your new lifestyle without making them feel bad about their choice to eat what they want. If people in your life remain too adverse to healthy choices you are making to enhance your life maybe it is a sign to let them go for a while until they accept that you are in charge of your own body, what you put in it and your right to lose weight if you choose. 


Our bodies are our house. We only get one. So it is important that when we make the decision to lose weight, to optimise our fitness, health and vigour that we are not dissuaded by others to lose heart, give up and be discouraged by them. We are in charge of our own health and our future. We have the right to reach our weight loss goals and be proud of ourselves for doing so. Don’t let others define your path in life. Stay strong, lose weight and keep yourself as fit and healthy for as long as possible no matter what anyone says to the contrary. By reaching your goal you could also inspire  others in your clique to follow in your footsteps, but again that choice is individual. The only choice that matters is the one you choose to follow with faith, stamina and determination and the only opinion that really matters in the end is your own.

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