290kg woman gives her boyfriend the boot

Tammy Slaton who weighs much more than the average male (2)

If you want to lose weight don’t date a man with a preference for “bigger girls.”  Just ask Tammy Slaton who weighs much more than the average male and is the star of reality show 1000-Lb. Sister’s who recently dumped her boyfriend.  According to fans Tammy wasn’t enjoying the best relationship with now ex-boyfriend Philip  while they … Read more

Can you lose weight quickly with yoga?

Yoga is touted for being transformational in many ways. It has been clinically proven that practicing yoga on a regular basis benefits the body and mind in many ways including lowering blood pressure, reducing anxiety, controlling depression and pain and increasing mental capacity to name a few. Yoga is also a healthy choice to incorporate … Read more

7 simple ways to start losing weight now

Embarking on any weight loss plan can seem daunting, overwhelming and plain too hard. It can be easier to start with small steps to achieve weight loss which when incorporated into your everyday routine and adhered to on a long term basis will enable you to lose weight and keep it off. Incorporate these 7 … Read more

Lose weight through positive thinking

Your mind is your most important tool. It controls what you do, how you act and the way you view others and yourself. Your thoughts become your reality and this applies to all aspects of our lives including weight loss and how we view our bodies. START THINKING YOURSELF SLIM Begin to see yourself as … Read more