Lose weight through positive thinking

Your mind is your most important tool. It controls what you do, how you act and the way you view others and yourself. Your thoughts become your reality and this applies to all aspects of our lives including weight loss and how we view our bodies.


Begin to see yourself as you wish to be .. act as though you have already achieved your goal of the weight you wish to be and have the body you wish to have. Stop putting yourself down and being negative. Stand in front of the mirror every day and say .. Every day in every way I am achieving and maintaining my perfect weight. Push self negating thoughts away. This takes a bit of discipline to master but the more it is practiced the easier it will be to replace pessimistic ponderings with positive affirmations. Once this consistently constructive way of controlling your thoughts and reaffirming the positive outlook you wish to achieve is utilised you will start to act as though you are already slim which puts you well on your way of actually being slim.

The idea is to feel it as well as just to say it.  You need to say your affirmations with conviction and believe in what you are saying, not just mantra off and hope it will work. 

Once your subconscious mind receives the messages that you have lost weight already and are slim and have achieved your goals the rest will follow.

You will find yourself making the correct food choices, keeping to your fitness schedule, cutting out sugar and preservatives and eliminating anything that keeps you from your goal of losing weight and keeping it off.

You will start to act like a slim person who takes pride in themselves and their health.


Most of us regularly admonish ourselves, our behaviour, our bad habits and tell ourselves that we are just not good enough. When we repeatedly do this our subconscious mind comes to believe it and reinforce our belief system by making it our reality. The great news is we can easily turn this around by constantly complimenting ourselves on how well we have done, how successful we are going to be: including reaching our weight goals and achieving them.


Being negative is draining. Not just on ourselves, our bodies, our general lives but also for anyone around us. Positive people attract positive people and positive outcomes.  Once you stop putting yourself down, complaining about your life and replace it with gratitude, happy thoughts and vibrant energy everything will turn around and you will attract what you need in your life to achieve your dreams and goals. So if anyone asks you how you are feeling you should always answer in a positive way no matter how you feel as thought is creative. Our minds believe what they hear as it is laced together with how we feel about ourselves.


When thinking, speaking or doing anything in regards to your weight loss goals be positive, be grateful for every little step you achieve and you will eventually get there, as you adapt a more enthusiastic attitude towards everything in your life. You will start to focus on different areas of your life that are not connected to your weight and any dissatisfaction with it and then the pounds will melt off by themselves with you aiding yourself by providing ongoing healthy nourishment for your mind and body and not eating to fill voids of unhappiness in yourself as you let go of negative thoughts and feelings that you have now outgrown. You will also attract more positive, supporting people in our life to reinforce your new views and way of thinking of things. The negative people will slowly fade away as you change yourself.


Start immediately  by replacing every negative thought or word with a positive replacement and watch not only your waistline slim down but also your whole life turn around for the better! You have nothing to lose but unwanted weight and outmoded negative thoughts.

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