Man’s Best Friend can also be your best weight loss companion!

It is well known that owning a dog has proven health benefits. Dogs are always happy to see us. They accept us and our shortcomings without judgement and are happy with very little in contrast to humans who can be quite high maintenance, critical and artificial.

Studies have shown that owning a dog provides valuable psychological rewards. A dog provides us with unconditional love that  leads to lower rates of anxiety and tension. Even petting or snuggling up to your dog when you are feeling overwrought can help to lower your blood pressure and heart rate. This in turn helps guard you against chronic diseases such as Heart, Kidney and Diabetes which can be triggered from too much adrenaline bought on by chronic worrying and situational conditions such as loneliness, bereavement and persistent worrying. The love and acceptance of a dog can also teach us to love and accept ourselves more and this can help control overeating patterns that we tend to adopt when we are trying to fill a void in our lives as well as other negative patterns.

Dogs can also help us lose weight and to keep it off. A dog is a responsibility. It is a living, breathing animal that requires nurturing and exercise to thrive. Dogs can get us in shape and keep us there because they require regular exercise to stay healthy. How many of us enthusiastically start an exercise regime and vow to work out every day, yet as soon as a cold day comes or we feel too tired or we justify to ourselves any number of excuses to avoid it till the day comes  when we just stop altogether. With a dog that is not possible. Regular exercise is necessary and the dog can’t do it alone. Excuses will only result in an unhappy dog that will start chewing the furniture and your favourite shoes.

If you want to build up to being as fit as possible depending on your goals it is best to pick a dog that requires a relatively large amount of exercise especially if you like to run. A chihuahua is not going to be suitable. Golden and Labrador Retrievers and Collies are two breeds that love to run and are gentle, loyal dogs but are just two of many possibilities. You should never run with a puppy or overdo the walking to start with until their limbs are developed, but a puppy is a great way to start especially if you are just starting an exercise regime. You and your dog can work towards your fitness goals together. Small steps can lead to huge, maintained gains in weight loss and fitness.

Research has proven that when people begin weight loss programs with friends they tend to fare better and stick to their goals for a longer period of time. What better friend could you find to exercise with every day?  A friend that will never cancel. A friend that will always be joyfully happy to accompany you and ever grateful for the companionship you provide.

You could do no better than to employ a loving dog to help you lose weight and to maintain your weight loss goal and at the same time enjoy all the other health benefits a dog can offer.

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