7 simple ways to start losing weight now

Embarking on any weight loss plan can seem daunting, overwhelming and plain too hard. It can be easier to start with small steps to achieve weight loss which when incorporated into your everyday routine and adhered to on a long term basis will enable you to lose weight and keep it off.

Incorporate these 7 simple steps to weight loss success:

Make water your liquid of choice

Substitute water for soft drinks, milk, juices and any other calorie loaded drink you consume. Water has no calories, helps to fill you up and is healthy. On awakening in the morning drink a large glass of water mixed with the juice of a lemon. This will help to detoxify your body and bring a glow to your skin.

Drink Coffee

If you must drink coffee make it black or drink Green tea. Coffee by itself is not fattening, it is the sweetened components that are added to it which hinders weight loss. Green tea contains caffeine which will give you the boost of coffee but with better health benefits. Green tea contains antioxidants that help protect against diseases such as cancer, lowers the risk of heart disease and actually promotes fat loss.

Skip one meal a day

Skipping one meal a day will help you lose weight faster and is actually healthy for you. In our modern world most of us already eat well over excess of what we need to sustain our bodies. Overeating not only makes us fat but also clogs up our systems and slows us down. This may be challenging for a few days but your body will adjust and the weight will come off accordingly.

Add a plate of salad

Add a plate of salad or vegetables to every meal. Filling up on healthy fibre will help you to lose weight quickly. Every meal should also contain some form of protein but in a much smaller amount. This strategy will help you lose weight and sustain the loss.

Cut out sweets

Sugar is addictive and it is bad for you. Substitute fruit instead but again stay clear of fruit juice which is loaded with calories.

Exercise daily

Exercise helps to clear our minds, tone our bodies and make us more mindful of what we eat and when we eat. When we exercise and look after our body it gives us the incentive to stick with a long term food plan and lose weight.

Meditate every day

Meditation has many health benefits and has been proven to be effective in helping to combat many illnesses, including depression and anxiety. When someone is overweight and doesn’t feel good about themselves these negative feelings can spiral out of control. Regular meditation helps to relieve these feelings and helps one to feel better about themselves this in turn encourages sticking to good healthy habits to help you achieve your weight goal.

These 7 simple steps are a great start to any weight loss strategy and in most cases enough to lose weight and keep it off for good.

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