How aerobic exercise burns of the calories and keeps the weight off

Exercise in any form is healthy and there is plenty of choice when it comes to keeping ourselves fit but bursts of aerobic activity are hugely beneficial in promoting weight loss and most importantly maintaining it.

Your body requires an increased flow of oxygen to lose weight. This is why aerobics exercise is the most beneficial way of losing excess weight. Aerobic exercise helps one to lose weight by increasing overall caloric burn constantly and this is 24/7 because it helps to increase metabolism.

Aerobic exercise which includes such high intensity activities such as jogging, dancing, running up and down the stairs, cycling, playing team sports, anything that induces a feeling of fatigue is an effective, well proven aid in weight loss. It is recommended that anyone wishing to lose weight and to keep it off should participate in a minimum high intensity aerobic exercise for a minimum of 3 to 4 times per week.

Aerobic exercise not only helps to burn calories and increase metabolism it also produces a feeling of euphoria often referred to as a runner’s high. This helps to calm our nerves and simultaneously reduces symptoms such as anxiety and depression which can lead to overeating. When one is fit and healthy and indulging in regular Aerobic activity the desire to overeat and to consume unhealthy foods is lowered dramatically which aids the weight loss process and helps to maintain it. Exercise, health and weight loss go hand in hand so including regular Aerobic exercise in your life will not only provide weight loss and build lean muscle it will also help to promote cardiovascular health, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and ward off chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

If you haven’t been utilizing the benefits of a regular Aerobic exercise plan in your weight loss regime the time to start is immediately. Interval training is a great way to begin.  This involves high intensity movement for a short period of time followed by a period of the same time at a slower rate. This could involve jogging for five minutes followed by walking for five minutes and these times can be built up and changed around. The important thing is that if you are not used to incorporating Aerobic exercise into your fitness routine to start off slowly and don’t overdo it to begin with building the intensity and pace over time.

The benefits of Aerobic exercise will manifest itself in a leaner, stronger, healthier version of yourself and bring you closer to losing weight and reaching your weight loss goals.

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