Lose Weight Efficiently Through Intermittent Fasting

Not only does Intermittent Fasting help you to lose weight it also comes with a huge array of other health benefits. It has been widely known for over a century that Intermittent Fasting reduces the risk of many diseases such as Stroke,  Heart, Cancer and Diabetes as well as improving brain cognition and extending  lifespan.



Intermittent Fasting is reducing food intake to an eight hour period in a day. This is generally done by skipping either Breakfast or Dinner with most people finding that Breakfast is the easiest meal to eliminate. Eating can then be commenced at 12pm in the day and needs to be ceased by 8pm so that the body is in a full state of fasting for a period of 16 hours. During the fasting period the only beverages that can be consumed are water, tea and unsweetened coffee. What people find the most difficult thing to give up is the milk and sugar in their morning coffee, however after a week of foregoing this glucose mixture most people adapt to a morning black coffee fix. Alternatively if the morning meal is important to someone they can fast the other way around and eat from the time of rising in the morning for an 8 hour period foregoing an evening meal. Either way is effective and results in the benefits of fat loss, increased muscle tone, lower cholesterol levels, reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, improved cognitive function with hugely reduced risk of Alzheimers and Dementia as well as a longer more robust and healthy life. Studies clearly show that lifespan is also increased.

Overeating is a huge and growing problem in our Society. The cases of childhood obesity are alarming and ever increasing.. Children at very young ages are developing chronic diseases such as diabetes with its disastrous, accumulated negative effects on the body that can lead to a domino of health issues and seriously shorten a persons’  lifespan.

Adult obesity is at alarming levels which overruns health systems with the associated diseases and ailments that obesity contributes to.


Basically we have all been culturally groomed to partake in the social ritual of three meals a day plus snacks. Our ancestors did not adhere to such socially entrenched habits. They were forced to fast regularly as their food intake was irregular. The way we eat is a commercialized process that we have been sold but it is not in favour of keeping our bodies lean, fit and healthy. We also tend to eat when we are bored, unhappy or simply because this is what we are accustomed to. Intermittent Fasting can be a little challenging at the onset as it is totally alien to what we are used to. It is also not unusual to experience a slight headache or lightheadedness in the first few days but this is not always the case. These mild symptoms usually disperse after a week and are replaced by increased feelings of energy and wellness. Another interesting fact in regards to Intermittent Fasting is that studies have also demonstrated that the Fasting is indeed the magic bullet that leads to a leaner, lighter body and a stronger immune system. In the eight hour period when you can eat it  has been proven that it is really irrelevant how much you eat or what you eat in this time period. So in fact if you wanted to you could indulge in all your favorite treats within this time. However most people find that as their bodies get cleaner they prefer to avoid sugars and refined grains entirely and stick to a healthy eating plan that goes in hand in hand with the Intermittent Fasting they are undertaking.


Yo yo diets are not sustainable, any weight that is lossed is quickly replaced as soon as the diet is suspended which is usually after a short period of time as these types of diets are not viable in the long term.

Intermittent Fasting is different. It is not just a diet. It is a way of life. A way to cut down on calories and unnecessary food that your body does not need and at the same time protect your body from chronic disease and pain. Intermittent Fasting has also been highly successful in people who already suffer from illnesses in that a huge and sustainable improvement in the condition is seen.

Lose weight and look great now with Intermittent Fasting. Don’t put it off. You only have one life, make it a healthy one.

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