Heidi Klum shares her exclusive fitness routine that keeps her looking amazing

Heidi Klum mixes her workouts up to maintain her amazing physique at 47. Speaking to the February edition of Women’s Health UK, Heidi reveals that instead of following structured work out plans and crash diets that she instead embraces more alternative and sustainable measures to keep herself in top shape.

The Victoria Secret’s model revealed that she swims 20 laps a day, partakes in hula-hooping and jumps on a trampoline as an unconventional but effective substitute for working out in a gym.

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Heidi admits that she is fortunate to have a large house that accommodates her workouts with a pool. ‘When the pandemic started, I began swimming 20 laps a day. Low-impact exercise like this is much better for my joints than running on a treadmill…..Hula hooping is a great low-impact option too – as is all the trampolining I do!’ she said.

The ageless supermodel says that she also stays fit by running around after her four children, her cat and two dogs. ‘I’ve relished the opportunity to spend more time at home, with my family in recent months,’ she said. ‘Being on a plane and in the studio a lot less means I’ve been able to enjoy getting stuck into domestic tasks……I’ve started a little vegetable patch in my garden… Seeing the squashes growing has been really fulfilling and I have fun with the kids making squash muffins,’

Heidi said that just because her kids were stuck at home all day during lockdown she didn’t want them to be glued to a screen.

‘It’s good for them to see healthy meals made from scratch. Cooking generally helps me wind down,’ she shared.

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